It all started with Gold Ribbon Confections, a bakery founded in honor of owner Maurice Ahern’s son, Micah Ahern. In July 2016 Micah earned his wings after a six year battle with cancer. Since starting Gold Ribbon was founded, it has always been a dream of Maurice’s to expand his current bakery to a brick and mortar, café-style location that would focus on benefiting the community. Desiring to fulfill his dream and keep his late son’s legacy alive, Maurice partnered with family members Jenifer and Jimmy Kinley to create Grounds and Gold, a community café which will proudly serve Gold Ribbon Confections’ highly sought after baked goods. The vision of the owners for Grounds and Gold, is not only to serve the best coffee, bites and sweets, but also to foster community. G&G will provide the local community with a unique and warm atmosphere where family, friends, co-workers, etc. can gather and host events. Maurice, Jenifer and Jimmy also wish to bond the local communtiy through their “Heart of Gold” notes program and community outreach events and donations. Find out more about this on our Cause page. In addition to being a cozy place to work or catch up with a friend, G&G will feature an intimate meeting room and larger event space available by reservation. Perfect for meetings, bible studies, birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, other milestone events and more! Find out more about our meeting and event space rentals here. G&G is expected to be open to the community in April 2020, so be on the lookout for your new favorite local spot.

Jenifer Kinley
“Mrs. Hospitality”


Have you tried Mama’s Meatballs
yet? Well, you have Jenifer and her deep Italian roots to thank for that. Sure, her infamous meatballs have given her quite the reputation, but it’s truly her love of serving people and seeing them enjoy food and companionship that makes her so special. Whether it be a cookie decorating party with her grandkids, or a “small” Thanksgiving
dinner of over 60+ of her
family, friends and sometimes even some strangers, Jenifer has never backed down from providing a place where food and fellowship go hand - and - hand.


Maurice Ahern
“ The Pastry Man with the Master Plan”


Plain and simple, Grounds and Gold wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Maurice. It also wouldn’t exist if tragedy didn’t strike home with Maurice in losing his seven year old son, Micah, to cancer. Micah’s infectious smile and unbelievably positive attitude impacted the local community and beyond in so many ways - and that is truly the heart of what Grounds and Gold will emulate. Maurice is taking a tragedy and choosing to not let it hold him down, but instead find ways to take the positive attitude that Micah had and share that with as many people as possible.


Jimmy Kinley
``Mr. Why Not?``


Jimmy has never opened a coffee shop before, but that hasn’t scared him one bit (okay, maybe just a little). Jimmy is an entrepreneur at heart, and always has been. A lot of his passion for people and business runs deep in his family roots with six generations of family business that continues to operate today (Kinley Corporation celebrated 110 years of business in September 2019). Jimmy, who is CEO of that family business, is wanting to take his network and leadership skills and put it to work by building something special.




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